Double button suit

If you belong to those who work daily in the city or a company with a specific dress code, which requires you to be well dressed and groomed, then double button suit is the most popular choice for a comfortable wear.

Tip: a double button suit adds length to your torso, since the point V (from the jacket) is lower. So, a man with short trunk will take advantage from it by showing taller.

Three button Suit

If you do not know what to wear everyday or at the weekend, solution gives you a three button costume that will make you stand out. It is ideal for everyday use and you can combine it with other clothes as you like (eg: a shirt, a turtleneck, fine sweaters). The difference between casual jacket or Blazer from three button jacket is now blurred, so they can make different combinations, depending on the style of each and the occasion.

Tip: A three button suit adds balance to tall men who choose this type of suit most. Depending on the amount you have, it is important to choose the right suit. The black and dark blue (dark navy) colors are "thinner" and together with the gray and brown colors are timeless.

If you want to stick to this color palette, experiment with different fabrics and style It is good to keep our personal style and to avoid excesses. So there are always some rules to follow:

1) To be perfect on you, find the costume that suits you, not too loose or baggy nor tight, because there is always the risk of destroying all the style you want to create.

2) If you wear double button suit and want to button your jacket, buttoned only the first (top) button, leaving the last button open.

3) If you wear three button suit and want to button your jacket, buttoned only the first two (top) buttons, leaving the last button open.

4) Always remove any data plate is sewn on the outer surface of the suit (sleeves, etc.) and never fill them with various objects also the
external jacket pockets.




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