One element that has always characterized the men's appearance is the suit, meaning a set of garments which are made from the same cloth. The principle of this great and interesting story takes us back in the early 17th Century, where elaborately embroidered and decorated with jewels men's costumes are simple, with simple lines. This creates the foundation for today's costumes, the forms for the men's costumes continue to evolve, not only of the jacket and waistcoat and trousers.

So we find several variations that closely follow the dictates of fashion. The most important thing to take someone in mind when choosing a suit is the occasion. Depending on the circumstances fit the appropriate fabric colors and accessories.


Business look


If you belong to the class of men whose job requires them to wear a suit you can choose doublebutton- or threebutton jackets. Black color is a safe choice so blue and gray can provide us the ideal business look.
For costumes that are a daily and integral part of our everyday life we choose fabrics like wool - moocher and super 100-120 which will give the ideal result for a garment that can accompany us from early morning until early evening.



Morning suits


With the appropriate combination a trousers and a vest can be transformed into an outfit that will follow closely in special circumstances. Great treasure for the male wardrobe will be if you choose a jacket in wool fabric super'120-160 and colors of black and blue trousers in the same fabric or if we want to choose more British striped in shades of purse and blacks. Big business in suit is the tribute that give the artists. There is surely no coincidence that public figures, artists and bands have also created tension around their name from the choices of costumes per show.





There is no better word sequence after the word groom. It is what characterizes him. With the right choice depending on the style of the wedding, the groom, the body type and the wedding colours, almost each color can be the perfect suit. It was a misdemeanor not to mention the dominance of the white shirt with black suit, which both as modern classic and quirky lines.



Whatever you choose, in any case it is certain that a suit made "sur messure" to your choice both in color and the fabric will help you look groomed and dressed. Of course not limited to, and together we will choose the buttons and the collar and pockets.

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