Merkos Manolopoulos Atelier

The tailor got its name from the time when clothes were ordered through the customer's mouth to the tailor. Unlike any fine dress that is bought ready-made, the bespoke measures are made right on the client's body and this is what characterizes the uniqueness of a tailor-made suit.

A well-tailored garment in our wardrobe is a sure and timeless solution. Especially when it can be combined with the right accessories, and give us an elegant result that will perfect its image. Try to create your own accessory tailored to your personal desires.

Merkos Manolopoulos was born in 1979. From an early age, his involvement with tailoring was inevitable. He received the first bases and the first influences from his father Georgios Manolopoulos who was a tailor and maintained a garment factory.
The course of his studies is written between Thessaloniki, Athens and Italy in costume design and fashion design. Before he started designing the clothes with which we know him today, we meet his collaborations with TV producers' channels, photography of celebrities, and advertising productions in the costume and stylistic part. After 3 years of progress and influences from London and Italy in the field of bespoke clothing, in 2007 he creates his personal atelier in the center of Thessaloniki.

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